Outstanding Service

Neil Geddes , 19 Dec 2017

I was privileged to have Luke as a property manager for my property for a little under a decade.

As the owner of many investment properties, and having dealt with many agents, I can place my hand on my heart and say that Luke is by far and away the best I have seen bar none. He’s level of professionalism and dedication in times of difficulty were nothing short of staggering. He often worked long hours and went above and beyond where other agents would have just lumped it into the too hard basket. To illustrate this point, I had one tenant leave a substantial amount of damage and rubbish on departure from the property. Luke took it upon himself to go in on a weekend and clean as much as he could, repair what he could and remove the rubbish as well as do the lawns and gardens. He did this without prompting and all to save me some money during a difficult time.

As if this wasn’t enough, Luke was also my agent for selling, and once again, went above and beyond in every aspect, getting me more than I had hoped for, and always pushing for the best result; during what was arguably one of the most difficult sales. It was only through Luke’s unwavering dedication and professionalism that this was achieved.

I would 100% recommend Luke Alexander to anyone and everyone looking for a property manager or agent.